Utopia Trailblazers

How to Grow a Chameleon Family

Chameleon Backpackers Hostel

A vibey, welcoming spot that caters to the full spectrum of modern backpackers from its ideal position in central Windhoek. 

The Chameleon Backpackers Hostel team strikes a great balance between encouraging guests to help them minimise their impact in this water scarce region, and at the same time managing to make everyone instantly feel like they're at home.

As with any family, the Chameleon team finds ways to work together and ensure that they are at their best - providing opportunities to learn and grow. Meet Rosa, a long-standing member of the Chameleon family, and find out about her Trailblazer journey...

Thank you for sharing your story... Rosa

Published Date: 09 Jan 2016


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