Team Expertise

photoDr Paul Godard, of Paul Godard - Soul Photography, is the creative visionary of this passionate team. His commitment to projects that have a positive developmental impact is profound and is backed by a rich track record of supplementing existing skillsets in various corners of the globe with his expertise in ecology, technology exchange, web development, and technical capacity building. His commitment to using his suite of expertise, particularly in photography, is motivated by his desire to see people inspired to connect with nature and, in so doing, adapt their behaviour in pursuit of balance with their surrounding natural environment. Paul is also a professional public speaker, has presented at various international forums, and is affiliated with Toastmasters South Africa. He is also a Member of the Southern African Freelancers Association of the Media Professionals Forum.


photoLisa Scriven, Director of Levelle Perspectives, has spent her career navigating the difficult balance between social, economic, and environmental interests, particularly as related to areas of high tourism development potential. Lisa is best known internationally for her work in sustainable tourism certification and related technical capacity building, and currently specialises in helping businesses to implement context-appropriate management and operational systems that incorporate the principles of sustainable development. Lisa's passion for networking success stories between businesses that are trying to overcome challenges regarding their operational sustainability has exposed her to a range of inspiring individuals whose journeys are waiting to be shared. She is currently a long-standing member of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa and is an Associate Member of Better Tourism Africa.

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